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Think Outside the Car Wash

As students across the country prepare for back to school, involved parents are also gearing up to help their financially-drained schools raise more money.

Car washes and pie-in-the-face contests are great, but let’s add one more idea to your arsenal - how about an online spirit wear shop?

Here are five reasons why an online store can help fill the fundraising gap.

  1. Families gain 24/7 access to spirit wear from anywhere. Now even grandma in Spokane, WA can show her school pride.

  2. Visitors feel good about their purchase since it’s benefiting their local school.

  3. Provides families easy access to physical education uniforms, as well as specialty attire for sports, band, orchestra or other school-sponsored activities.

  4. Helps students show their support of positive campaigns like anti-bullying and random acts of kindness.

  5. Connects students making the transition to middle or high school to their new school.

Sounds hard? It’s not. Here’s how to get started.

  1. Connect with a trusted, experienced vendor. Make sure they allow you to see colors, fabrics and popular styles.

  2. Solicit input on designs from students or community members.

  3. Link store to all existing family and community marketing tools like newsletters, social media, signage and announcements. Ask local businesses to post a sign in their windows or even include in their internal newsletters.

Be a hero! Bring this idea to your next PTA or booster meeting and see what happens.

ZOOM! Branding Group, powered by American Solutions for Business is an expert at setting up and stocking online stores to help boost your bottom line.

Contact Joe Artiste today at either 440.343.3362 or send him an email.

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