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12 Ways to Thank Your Customers

Expressing regular gratitude can be good for business. It builds trust and loyalty.

So, here are some of our favorite ideas for showing customers love!

  1. Send a handwritten thank-you note. May seem too simple, but hardly anyone takes the time to handwrite a thank you note these days. Make it personal and very specific and you’ll make that customer’s day!

  2. Teach them something. Hold regular free gatherings where you can teach your most loyal customers more about what they love. Coffee shop, business coaching, technology - whatever you do well teach them how they can do it better.

  3. Go out of your way. Schedule a lunch or stop by their business and order in. Taking the time to learn more about them and their business only strengthens the relationship.

  4. Give a great read. Think about some books that have inspired you and your business and give it as a gift. Write a personal note on the first page describing specifically how the book helped you. Then consider adding a branded bookmark or highlighter.

  5. Launch a loyalty program. It doesn’t have to be complicated and could be as simple as offering them a discount on their anniversary or birthday. If you’re ready for a more complex loyalty program, there ways to get it done affordably.

  6. Spotlight customers. Send a should out to specific customers on twitter or on your website. Make it personal and sincere - let them know how much they mean to you!

  7. Send a treat. Surprise and delight customers with an unexpected treat. Send a tin of goodies, healthy or not and you’ll definitely get a smile.

  8. Throw a shindig. Host a bash, picnic, wine tasting or barbeque. Whatever you decide, there are a slew of ways to make it memorable with themed giveaways, activities and, most importantly, fun!

  9. Send a card on a off holiday. Get noticed by sending a card on Valentine’s Day or Groundhog Day! It’s unexpected and will showcase your creativity. Best of all, it won’t get lost in the holiday rush.

  10. Give a referral. The best gift you can give customers is more business, so look for opportunities to refer them or link them into your network. Make sure to send a quick note after you refer them so they know to expect it!f

  11. Show you value their feedback. After you’ve implemented a good idea that came from a customer, reach out to them and thank them for the idea and show them how you did it!

  12. Give swag. It used to be that branded merchandise where cringe-worthy throwaways. Not anymore! You can find just about anything, so look for items that will be useful and keep your logo in front of them daily.

ZOOM! Branding Group, powered by American Solutions for Business has all of these promotional items and more available for you to purchase, so you can wow your customers with appreciation.

Contact Joe Artiste today at either 440.343.3362 or send him an email. He can assist you with any corporate branded merchandise needs.

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