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5 Marketing ‘Things’ You Can Do Today

Let’s face it, everyone is ALWAYS looking for new customers.

But if you’re not doing any of these five tactics today, you're missing out!

1. Ask for referrals, and then do it! It’s simple - give a happy customer a call and ask if they know of anyone that could benefit from your product or service. Better yet, incent them with branded merchandise or gifts!

2. Elevate or elevator pitch! Stop rambling and start converting. Learn how to win them over by emphasizing the benefits.

3. Generate free publicity. Take a moment to add key local and national media to social pages and then constantly post about your business.

4. Piggyback deals with regular mailings. Include a coupon in your invoices, or surprise and delight them with a $5 gift card to use toward their next purchase.

5. Bulk up your LinkedIn. Spend 10 minutes each morning searching and reaching out to five potential customers outside your current network. Make sure your profile is updated so they get a good idea of what you do well!

ZOOM! Branding Group, powered by American Solutions for Business works to help businesses of all sizes create memorable brands.

Contact Joe Artiste today at either 440.343.3362 or and he would welcome the opportunity to assist you with your corporate branded merchandise needs!

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