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3 Last-Minute Ways to Share the Love

Three Last Minute Ways to Share the Love for Valentine's Day

Wait, what? It’s February already?

Ok, don’t panic, you still have plenty of time to share the love with prospects and customers this Valentine’s Day. Here are three of our favorite ‘in a pinch’ ways to share the love!

Create a promotion. No brainer, right? But don’t make it for just anyone. Consider doing this one just for current clients, maybe a percentage discount or a little extra incentive to try a new product or service.

Whatever the case, design some art (it doesn’t have to be fancy) and get it out through email and social media. And definitely motivate your sales folks to reach out and tell them about it on the phone.

Stir up nostalgia. Never fails - those tiny little conversation hearts instantly transport me back into my third-grade classroom with my carefully decorated shoe box full of cards in tow.

So, why not recreate the fun. Buy a stack of cheap Valentine’s Day cards and mail them out. Or make them yourself.

Stuck on what to write? Here are 30 ‘punny’ Valentine’s Day greetings for the people who make your life sweet.

Get social. Want more engagement on your social pages, then organize a simple contest!

Buy a gift card for a restaurant or a couple’s massage package and create a clever message (maybe using the punny greetings above) that’ll provoke followers to ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on the post, maybe even share it with others. That’s it! But always remember to include a deadline and get permission from the winner before posting they’ve won!

ZOOM! Branding Group has access to hundreds of branded merchandise and apparel that can help you share the love this Valentine’s Day. Check out our Idea Center or contact us directly at 440.343.3362 or email


ZOOM! Branding Group, powered by American Solutions for Business, is a one-stop branding solution provider with tremendous access and buying power. In fact, we have more than 3,500 national resources we can use to design a simple, sustainable and results-oriented brand presence for any business, minus the hefty agency price tag.

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