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Four Practical Marketing Resolutions for 2018

Four Practical Marketing Resolutions for 2018

Um, where did 2017 go?

I utter these five little words every day convinced that the universe is moving a whole lot faster than ever used to!

Truth is, it’s not! But, as we're all trying to enjoy the holiday festivities, there seems to be this pesky (and quite annoying) voice in the back of our minds asking, “How are you going to make 2018 better?”

I’ve found that there are two types of people in the world: the planners and the want-to-be-planners! As marketers or business owners, we always have the best intentions of having those marketing plans sewn up by, let’s say, mid-fourth quarter.

Yea! Great plan! We’ll have all the planning out of the way and be ready to hit the ground running on Jan. 2!

For those that achieved that - CONGRATS! Can you please message me directly on how you performed this miracle? For the rest of you (meaning me), here are some New Year resolutions to consider as you plan:

1. CLEAN THOSE LISTS. Good data in, good data out, right? You as a marketer you can't do your job unless EVERYONE (including yourself) is inputting good, complete data into whatever CRM you use.

Could be as simple as MailChimp, or a more sophisticated system like HubSpot or Salesforce; whatever the case, good data allows you to better understand buyers and then create relevant, razor sharp messages. (Not to mention keep your IP address free of bruises.)

Take a minute to think about what data you’re collecting? Does it allow you to see the customer as a whole? Are you able to slice and dice it? How do your sales people enter information? Are they taking full advantage of the time on the phone to complete profile data?

All of these are missed opportunities, so take a good, hard look on how you can do it better in 2018.

2. DO CONTENT BETTER. The mere utterance of the word ‘content’ can make any business owner or SME roll their eyes. NOOOOOO! Not the dreaded content! I hear it all the time, “I can’t even keep up with client work and you want me to write about it?”

“Yes,” I say, “because it works!” According to Julie McCoy’s blog published on the Content Marketing Institute’s website, ‘content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62 percent less.’

The key is to consistently publish customer-relevant content on your site and blast it out in as many ways as possible - like email, social media, presentations, sales process, a press release - content that will allow you to gain credibility and allow your customers to think differently about why they need you!

Publish once a month or publish every two weeks, scale your efforts, but do it with discipline and consistency.

3. UNDERSTAND YOUR CUSTOMER LIFECYCLE. Now, this may sound like an initiative for just large companies, but it’s not! According to Smart Insights, this is the No. 1 marketing trend for 2018, but it doesn’t have to be big or complicated.

Very simply it’s understanding your customer’s journey from prospect to client and figuring out where you can squeeze in messages that encourage them to buy or buy more.

Here's a chart they shared. But you can scale to your own company (and it makes for a lively white boarding session).

Understand Your Customer Lifecycle

4. BREATHE LIFE INTO YOUR BRAND. All companies have a brand. Some are born from brilliant marketing agencies, others are hatched slowly as the business grows, but, whatever the case, take a good look at what you have.

Does your logo still make sense? Does it resonate? Do your core messages and design still communicate what you have to offer current and potential customers?

Now, here’s where you'll definitely have to stick to the good ‘ol ‘KISS’ rule, keep it simple, errr, silly! Spread all your collateral and sales tools out on a big table and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do these reflect what we are trying to say? That includes your logos, your core messaging, your design. Does it resonate with the market? Is it making us look outdated or out of touch?

  • Do you have too much or too little? Do you highlight your specific competitive advantages (or why people choose you over someone else)? Are there holes that need to be filled, or do you need to edit the information you are sending out?

  • Do you have scheduled promotions throughout the year designed to motivate buyers to take a closer look? What are you doing for current customers to make them aware of a new service or product that they’d be perfect for.

This is a great exercise to commit to in the New Year to help breathe life into your existing brand presence.

So you ask, "I'm supposed to being this all while deadlines are flying at me like missles?" The answer is YES! Commit to it or find someone who can, since moving the needle in the New Year isn't going to happen by doing the same 'ol thing.

Learn how ZOOM! Branding Group can help you with these initiatives and many more.


ZOOM! Branding Group, powered by American Solutions for Business, is a one-stop branding solution provider with tremendous access and buying power. In fact, we have more than 3,500 national resources we can use to design a simple, sustainable and results-oriented brand presence for any business, minus the hefty agency price tag.

Check out our idea center. Or contact us at 440.343.3362 or email and we'll work with you to find the perfect solution to make a big impression.

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