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6 Tips for Giving Great Corporate Holiday Gifts

Given our respected track record in the “corporate gift giving” industry, we thought we’d share our seven simple suggestions to ensure your corporate holiday gift giving hits its mark!

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1. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Don't get carried away, too clever or too elaborate.

2. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. How well do you know your recipients? Is there a hierarchy that needs to be acknowledged and respected? If so, then tier your gifts or give one thing that recognizes an entire office or department. But, remember if you choose a food gift, be sure that items are individually wrapped with proper utensils provided. And don't forget the gatekeeper!

3. MAKE IT USEFUL. Don't waste your money on inexpensive, meaningless throwaway products. Why bother? Save those dollars for functional and cleverly packaged holiday gifts, which will be more appreciated and effective.

4. BRAND IT or PERSONALIZE IT. Make it thoughtful, cost effective, long lasting and packaged elegantly.

5. USING GIFT CARDS. If you're going to use gift cards, use your imagination and package them with something useful like a wallet, a money clip, purse, or even a restaurant guide and/or tip card.

6. SHOW THEM HOW MUCH YOU CARE. Everything about your gift should tell the recipient you care—starting with the gift selection through the finishing touches. Brand positioning and packaging should be well thought out and flawless, and don't forget to enclose a hand-written note that is personal and heartfelt.


ZOOM! Branding Group, powered by American Solutions for Business, is a one-stop branding solution provider with tremendous access and buying power. In fact, we have more than 3,500 national resources we can use to design a simple, sustainable and results-oriented brand presence for any business, minus the hefty agency price tag.

Check out our idea center. Order beautifully designed, personalized holiday cards. Or contact us at 440.343.3362 or email and we’ll work with you to find the perfect solution to make a big impression.

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